“David Johnson has done many jobs for me over the past decade or so. His quality and fair pricing make him an excellent choice. He also is very honest and practical on bidding the work so that you know you are getting the work done right at a fair price.”


​Lee Sapp, Lee Sapp Ford Ashland, NE




“David Johnson Handyman for Hire is our best friend here at North Oxbow Lake Homeowners Association. He has Done electrical, plumbing, painting, and landscaping for us. The quality of his wok is always outstanding. He is a very personable multi-talented man who is always on time with a fair price.”


LeRoy Eaton, President N. Oxbox Lake H.O. Association, Ashland, NE




“David is a proficient and knowledgeable handyman. He is dependable and trustworthy and is able to fix nearly everything inside or outside one’s house. He has tackled some unusual tasks for us and figured out a way to accomplish them. I would highly recommend him.”


Bill and Lucille Sapp, Ashland, NE